Drunken Spring Break Facebook Pictures Exposed

Spring Break is meant for partying, hooking up, and seeing random parts of the world that rely on partying and hooking up as part of it’s GDP. If that is not the recipe for a good time, I am not sure what is. But what if your parents are cheap and/or you are too irresponsible to maintain a job? If that is the case, then you are sitting at home reading this and not in Panama City waking up next to some girl who you should have left at the hotel bar the night before.

We at COED are a kind and generous people, and offer you a wide selection of photos and parties from across the world…that you missed. Please feel free to download them and print them up. Then tape them to the wall, turn up your music, get drunk, and pretend that you are at Spring Break.

…of course it sucks, but its better than nothing – so back off!

Pictures exposed after the jump!

– Lake Havasu, NV –


– Cancun, Mexico –


– Acapulco, Mexico –


– Panama City Beach, FL –


South Padre Island, Texas –


What Location Has The Wildest Pictures?

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