WTF Website: Rate My Cop

The Internet’s favorite pastime is judging anything and everything, from music and tattoos to girlfriends and professors. So it was only a matter of time that armchair critics took the law into their own hands, and Rate My Cop fills that gap, however suspect the idea is.

Rate My Cop rates various police forces around the country from best to worst, according to users who submitted their scores. In practice, it’s no different than rating a professor – praise the best, bash the worst – but when does our need for judging go over the limit?

I could see a few people using Rate My Cop for the right reasons, but far more abusing the system, especially seeing that it’s possible to rate individual officers.

Rating individual officers is…well…probably not the best way you could spend your time, and it’s certainly not the safest way to promote cops. I’m no “protector” of the law (they are) but I honestly don’t understand the purpose of this site.

Am I reading too much into it, or does Rate My Cop seem like a really, really bad idea? What’s next, a website where I can rate other people’s sh*t? Oh, wait…(NSFW)

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