Sharper Image Needs to Sell Everything

For Christmas I got a Sharper Image giftcard from my girlfriend’s parents. $100 is not too shabby, but at Sharper Image, that isn’t enough to get anything good. SO I have been saving up. I work at a bar up here in Highland Falls, and pull in an extra couple hundred a week flirting with more middle-aged cougars than you could find on the Discovery Channel. Then those f**kers did the unimagineable. They now refuse to honor gift cards! How in the hell can they do that!? Is that even legal?!

Here is my issue from an Accounting 102 perspective. A gift card is a liability – it is similar to debt. Customers buy gift cards with the understanding of cashing them in for merchandise at a later time. When a company defaults or refuses to pay its debts – the companies assets are distributed to those who it owes outstanding debts. I am not saying that I should be allowed to ransack a Sharper Image store for $100 worth of high-tech crap, but no more should they be allowed to keep my $100. I mean WTF?!

Either way, those douchbags at Sharper Image are having a firesale at a bunch of locations. They are even going to liquidate some products online. Be careful, they may decide to charge you $100 extra and be like – “Eh…f**k it, it’s ours now!”

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