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7PM Suicide Girl: Antanaclasis


Antanaclasis Suicide
Age 19
Location Massachusetts

Ex boyfriend, tight pants, long
hair, mohawks, pink hair, anchor
tattoos,neck piercings, breathing,
suspensions, sincerity, curiosity

Not Into:
Whinning, lies and deceit,
F**king up tremendously.

Makes her happy:
Learning, smart people, bottles
of rum, and a handful of peels,
ovaries for sale on ebay,
24 hour pajama parties.

Makes her sad:
Being really sick and unable to
breath thru my nose, having to
listen to bad music, sleeping
for 5 hours during the day.

Fave Bands:
As I Lay Dying, Walls of Jericho
Otep, Farewell Radiance, Misfits
Bleeding Through, Dead To Fall
Suicidal Tendencies, Danzig

Fave Films:
Waking Life, Amelie
The Salton Sea, Memento

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