Leave Spring Break with Memories, Not STDs

It’s hardly a secret what’s on most students’ minds during spring break. The stereotypical checklist goes something like this: Get a tan, drink 12 beers, have sex. Repeat. <full story>

Duke Senior Busted with 27 LB of Pot

Duke Senior Eric Halperin was arrested Wednesday and charged with trafficking marijuana and possession of marijuana with the intent to sell, Durham Police Department officials confirmed Thursday.

Halperin’s neighbors told The Chronicle Wednesday that a man wearing a DHL logo shirt delivered a wine-case-sized package to the house. Police officers approached the residence after a resident signed for the package which contained 27 pounds of marijuana .

Last April, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation conducted a similar investigation involving another student, who was arrested in his Craven Quadrangle dorm room after signing for a package containing 17 pounds of marijuana sent through DHL. <full story>

Sike! Dave Matthews Band not coming to Ohio U.

The rumors can stop — Dave Matthews Band will not be coming to Athens.

Two university officials said yesterday that the concert, rumored to be held in conjunction with a Barack Obama rally, will not happen. <full story>

Huckabee Engages, Entertains Baylor Students

With a message of faith, hope and freedom, former Gov. Mike Huckabee entertained and inspired a crowd of 1,200 yesterday afternoon at the Hilton Waco hotel.

Chuck Norris and his wife accompanied Huckabee on the campaign stop to endorse their favorite candidate.

With people packed shoulder to shoulder and country music blasting from speakers on the stage, the energetic audience of young and old alike chanted “We like Mike!” <full story>

“Get Out The Vote College Tour”

Kal Penn will headline “Get Out The Vote College Tour” events this Friday and Saturday, visiting college and university campuses across Ohio.

Kal will be encouraging students to take advantage of early vote opportunities prior to Ohio’s March 4th primary. He will kick off the GOTV College tour at Ohio University then continue to hold events at Ohio State University, Dennison College, and Wesleyan College. <full story>


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