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7PM Suicide Girl: Maxi


Maxi Suicide
Age 37
Location Pennsylvania

Receiving oral, 69’s, white socks,
photography, food!, crafts, panties,
Italian greyhounds, , NETFLIX

Not Cool:
Coke head models, cocky guys,
dark socks on men, meat heads,
spoiled over privileged, daddy’s
girls, pointy shoes.

Makes her happy:
Butter, ice cream, a good movie
on the couch, tropical islands,
having my head rubbed, spooning,

Makes her sad:

Homeless or mistreated animals,
a man that doesn’t know a good
thing when he’s got it.

Fave Bands:
Death Cab For Cutie, Sade
Journey, Hall & Oats, Mazzy Star
David Darling, Hooverphonic
Kate Bush, Low

Fave Films:

Seven, Silence of the Lambs
Dracula (Brams), Grandmas Boy
Empire of the Sun, Clerks II
War of the Worlds 2005, Kill Bills
Little Miss Sunshine

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