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The No-String G-String: a Guy’s Perspective


Although celebrities who go commando are still all the rage in Hollywood, we here in the real world like something that triggers our imagination…like a Hollywood babe going commando.

Ok, bad example – but I still believe that sexy underwear trumps “in the buff” eight times out of ten, if only for accentuating the assets on display. When held in flattering fabric, the a** and vajayjay take on a new personality, filled to the gills with magic and wonder! And they look hot.

But how about these newfangled no-string G-strings, fellas? Even I, a** enthusiast extraordinaire, am taken aback by this new form of undergarment.

I’m all about tassels, straps and lace, but this is a bit much – or not enough, for that matter. It looks like a sock with static cling that sticks to a woman’s ladyparts. That’s cool and all, but something about it makes me assume the wearer of such garments is either a sassy, fun female completely in touch with her sexuality, or a disease-infested slutmonster set to wreak havoc with poonany pestilence.

Is it worth the gamble? Absolutely.

COED Writer