Live-Action “Akira” Announced, Produced By… Leonardo DiCaprio?

Teaming up with Warner Bros., DiCaprio is producing a live-action version of Akira, one of the most beloved Anime films. The original Akira, which was based on a manga series of the same name, dealt with teenage biker gangs in “New Tokyo,” set in the year 2019.

There is far more to say about this masterwork, but what’s important is that the live action Akira has an all-new storyline, based in “New Manhattan” – and it may be separated into two parts, or two stand-alone movies, as IGN reports. Color me intrigued…

From the Hollywood Reporter:

“Ruairi Robinson has been hired to direct what would ideally be a two-part epic. Gary Whitta is writing the adaptation, which DiCaprio will produce via his Appian Way shingle. Andrew Lazar is also producing via his Mad Chance shingle. Jennifer Davisson, who heads up Appian, will also be involved in some producorial capacity.”

Live-action retreads of G.I. Joe and Transformers may have piqued interest in the project, but the source material and people involved in Akira are to be trusted more than the studio hacks that bogged down Transformers (and the ones that will most likely destroy any credibility G.I. Joe has left).

This is all my assumption, of course; but my critical eye is cast less on a talented cast and crew revisiting a concept with good intentions than on cash-in con artists. This seems sincere.

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