Brew Review: Killian’s Irish Red

Killian’s Irish Red is located straight in the heart of beer purgatory, where snobbish types and casual drinkers alike don’t see the big deal. It has middle-child syndrome; I can empathize, being one myself.

In comparison to other lagers of its status, Killian’s is actually quite good, pouring a reddish rust color that reminds me of foliage and fall altogether. The head is unremarkable, but present nonetheless.

The taste isn’t as terrible as beer experts would have you believe, either – bland may be correct description. Sporting a scent of sweet malts and hops, Killian’s has a muted, earthy flavor that’s not complex by any stretch of the imagination (or palette). Its carbonation is soda-like, with an odd bite that doesn’t settle very well as an aftertaste. You’re gonna need to set your standard fair when drinking this average brew.

If you’re left in the predicament of choosing between a Killian’s and a Bud Light, it’s a safe bet to go with the former. It’s character, however small, is gauged by its company.

The biggest fish in a sloppy, skunked out pond: that’s Killian’s for you.

Killian’s Irish Red stats:

Smells like: weak hops and wheat, and slightly skunked

Tastes like: average beer, which is fine if you drink and don’t think

Alcohol content: 4.90%, with so-so drinkability – knock them back quick!

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