STD E-Cards are Great…Unless You’re Receiving One, Which is Totally NOT COOL

Congratulations! You have an STD! (Nope. That’s not funny at all.)

What better way to celebrate the most unfortunate of problems than by sending an STD E-Card to your past girlfriends and/or flings commemorating the event?

inSPOT, the website responsible for the STD E-Cards, seem to be pitching them as an alternative method for introverted, emo kids who would rather not go through the trouble of actually talking to their past hookups face to face. Oopsy Daisy indeed.

If this “trend” catches on, it just proves how severely f***ed up our generation is.

As for me, I have hope for our generation: with the right spin, expect these STD E-Cards to be sent to every Tom, Dick and Jane with an email address. We are sick, cynical bastards who take nothing seriously, just like our parents always tell us. Congrats to us!

Until there’s a better way to relay the bad news to your ex-flames (outside of telling them in person or over the phone or by email or any other way more respectable than a f**king E-Card), I guess they will have to do, right? These digital disease warnings are a healthy reminder on why girls shouldn’t hook up with you in the first place, you selfish, shamless, careless piece of sh*t.

My First All-Nighter
My First All-Nighter
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