Some Things Just Ain’t Worth the Travel

Approximately one year ago I spent a weekend at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

To this day, I get emails from the PR group that runs the nightclub and other bars inside the hotel/casino complex. Ordinarily I don’t mind much. I like to remember my days and nights in the desert, and even look forward to planning my trip back.

But this week, it’s been two emails a day. About Paris effing Hilton’s birthday party this weekend. And I am slightly peeved.

I admit that I have a shameless love for some things poppy and tacky, we all have our vices. But Paris Hilton is not one of them. She most definitely is not about to inspire me to fly to Vegas when I can just wait for her to make an ass of herself in the Meatpacking District on her next trip to New York.

These invites got me thinking, though. Really, who is worth flying across the country for? If you’ve got to pick one celebrity whose birthday shenanigans you’d like to be a part of, who would it be?

You know what, scratch that. The real question here is, there really are more people than we think who do this, aren’t there?

I’ve made some dicey life decisions. I’ve flown out for concerts a thousand miles away, but that’s really more for the show, the experience, and the time with whoever accompanied me to said venue. I just can’t seem to equate going to a bar where Paris Hilton will be, just because she will be there to do what she’s famous for (I guess she’s also got that sex tape on her resume, but I don’t think this is that kind of nightclub).

Justin Timberlake apparently is doing the same kind of event sometime this spring, and while yes, he’s beautiful, I just don’t quite think I can swing it unless he promises a personal reenactment of the SexyBack video.

Maybe I’m just desensitized, or maybe I’m just not a hard-core enough fan of anyone to get into the idea of spending gobs of money to maybe see a celebrity from fifty feet away. Am I wrong?

Where do we draw the line between too much celeb appreciation and just enough? How far would you go to share the same breathing room as your favorite of the rich and famous set?

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