Marilyn Manson’s Mansinthe

While his n00b goth music annoys me like no other – if you really want to hear some freaky pagan sh*t, check out ComusFirst Utterance – I admire Marilyn Manson. He’s an intelligent guy that’s able to live out his most outrageous fantasies…under the guise of a sexed-up clown vampire. He’s in it for the sex. Marilyn Manson’s celebrity life is 100% shtick and d*ck, just like Gene Simmons.

So it comes to no surprise to see Manson peddling his own brand of Absinthe, appropriately named Mansinthe. Leave it to an overgrown goth kid to brew up his own Green Fairy.

For the uninitiated, Absinthe is a highly alcoholic liquor with mind-altering effects that was all the rage with young artists back in 19th century France. Nowadays it’s a drink exclusive to artsy San Franciscans with money and brain cells to burn, meaning it’s still pretty awesome.

Does Mansinthe boast the same mind-expanding effects as the OG Fairy?

Not really, according to Epicurious:

“So did Mansinthe have what it takes to be a premium absinthe? According to the tasters, the answer is, sadly, no. The No. 1 problem was the aroma, which some verbally compared to sewage water or swamp mud, but with the exception of a lone taster, the panel felt it wasn’t really worth wading through the odor to get to mediocre flavor anyway. Sorry, M.M.”

For what it’s worth, I highly doubt Manson’s cult-like following really cares if his Mansinthe is the Real McCoy – they’re too busy updating their MySpace profiles with AFI quotes and Saw IV unofficial wallpaper. When he’s done with Evan Rachel Wood, his current beau, he’ll snatch up another Suicide Girl wannabe in seconds flat. Life is good for the Prince of Darkness.

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