Is That a Guitar in Your Pocket? Why, Yes It Is!

Since the Guitar Hero franchise releases a new “update” every 6 months, and Rock Band costs more than a month’s rent, I am left with two choices: either buy Rock Band and live off Ramen for the remainder of the year, or purchase the pocket version of Guitar Hero.

Basic Fun, the company responsible for this mini marvel, worked with the creative teams at Activision and Red Octane to produce a pocket-perfect port of the mega-successful series. This portable version of the game includes songs from Guitar Hero I and II, like “Killer Queen” and “Cherry Pie.” You play by following the color-coded notes on the built-in screen and tapping each of the mock guitar’s color-coded buttons, in the correct order, on rhythm, just like the original – only, like, way smaller.

If its 3 x 7.5 inch size wasn’t small enough, the guitar neck folds down, making it small enough to fit in most pockets, hence the name.

And if you’re wondering, yes – the whammy bar is intact.

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