Brew Review: Brooklyn Lager

Being a frequent traveler to New York (don’t worry, Red Sox/Pats/Celtics fans – I’m still a dedicated fan) I find myself drinking Brooklyn Lager when going to local NYC bars, mostly due to its availability and overall value.

For a mid-priced beer (or high-priced, depending where you live) BK brew is of high quality, stacking up nicely against other lagers. Pouring a rich amber with some frothy head, Brooklyn Lager is well-bodied for a beer of its type, housing an almost overwhelming presence of hops. A healthy whiff of malt is noticeable in its scent, as is honey.

Upon taste, a strong caramel flavor mixes with the malt, creating a nice balance of sweet and bitter. Its carbonation is crisp, with a dry finish that goes down easy. A dense combination, but it works.

Most impressive is Brooklyn Lager’s aftertaste, which lingers long enough to make you crave another sip, or another bottle if you’re at that point.

Despite any reservations I have against New York sports teams, I have to hand it to Brooklyn Brewery and their great stable of brews; they have yet to let me down.

But do I think they’re better than Sam Adams, you ask? I’ll leave that debate open for now.

Brooklyn Lager stats:

Smells like: hops and honey

Tastes like: a bittersweet, strong combo of caramel and malt

Alcohol content: 5.20%, and extremely drinkable

The Biggest Loser: Fat people cry ALOT!
The Biggest Loser: Fat people cry ALOT!
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