The Biggest Loser: Fat people cry ALOT!


My roommate’s girlfriend made us watch “The Biggest Loser.” I learned that fat people cry, sweat and fight alot. I mean ALOT! Imagine Survivor with fat people, that is this show in a small nutshell.

The best part was that this week – the only week I have been forced to watch – they brought in a psychotherapist. Jesus-TapDancing-Christ…they are so damn whiney, pissy, moody; Who watches this sh*t on a weekly basis?

If you want to feel good about yourself, watch this show on NBC. You will feel like you have it together and that you look damn sexy.

This therapist was telling them that it is not their fault that they were fat, but rather their past experiences that drove them to eat themselves into being HUNDREDS of pounds over-weight. Really – I couldn’t make this up.

So I did what any reasonable dude would do…I laughed my silly ass off!

My roommates girlfriend, Corrine (I know you will read this and you wasted my night), went batshit. She whined about me being insincere and cruel – then she cried. Dude! It made me laugh even more, because she is a fatty. Corrine, you know you are, so don’t even get pissy. She’s a hot fatty, so I am not hating, but she needs to take a little ownership of her physical condition.

I watched 2 hours of fat people working out, sweating and crying; while skinny people yell at them. If you get the chance, skip it. It was 2 hours I would love to have back to look online for the nude Sarah Michelle Gellar pictures she did for charity.

Do you have the same taste in girls as my roommate?
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The Bluths Returning on the Big Screen?
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