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7 PM Suicide Girl: Waikiki Suicide


Waikiki Suicide
Age 27
Location Italy

Photography, videos, art, my art,
music, travelling, pole dancing,
slingshot laughing till i cry!

Not Cool:
Be steady in a place, city or country..
no I cannot!!

Makes Her Happy:
Martini, there’s a party!!!, preganziol
people, travelling,open-minded folk,
warm people (i need ’em in my life)

Makes her sad:
Having no good music to listen to!,
empty conversations, wannabe-
nevergonnabe people, noisy people,

Fave Bands:
Old school punk and heavy metal!!
from Dead Kennedys-Black Flag
thru The Cramps- Bat Mobile
Til Pantera- Iron Maiden

Fave Films:
Requiem For A Dream
Clockwork Orange
David Linch Movies
Tarantino Movies
Tons more

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