The Bluths Returning on the Big Screen?

One of the greatest sitcoms ever made (and certainly the best one in the last ten years) Arrested Development may be making a come back – but not in the manner you’d expect.

Since its cancellation in 2006 there have been rumors that the series would be picked up by the Showtime Network. Now according to E! Online it looks like everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family may be returning not to the small screen but the silver screen.

Jason Bateman, who played the main character Michael Bluth, “can confirm that sniffing has started. Any talk is targeting a post-strike situation, of course.” He went on to say that “it’s a question of whether the people with the money are willing to give our leader, Mitch Hurwitz, what he deserves for his participation. And I can think for the cast when I say our fingers are crossed.”

Ron Howard, the show’s executive producer and narrator, apparently decided to take another shot at property due to the success and acclaim of Juno, which stars Michael Cera, who played Michael’s awkward son George Michael, and the aforementioned Bateman.

If your part of the group of unfortunate souls that missed out on Arrested Development you missed “the story of a wealthy family that lost everything and the son (Michael) trying to put them back together” as Michael Bluth tries to save his families fortune after his father George (Jeffrey Tambor) is arrested on charges of embezzlement and “light treason”. Unfortunately for Michael not only does he contends with the government but also his selfish family.

The family members include his alcoholic mother Lucille (Jessica Walter) and her repressive coddling of his younger brother Buster (Tony Hale) but also his twin sister Lindsey, played by the gorgeous Portia de Rossi (I know she’s a lesbian but we can dream), and her dysfunctional family. Her family includes her daughter Maebe (Alia Shawkat), who becomes the object of her cousin George Michael’s affections, and husband Tobias (David Cross), a self proclaimed Analrapist (think analyst and therapist you perverts) who lost his license to practice and wants to be an actor.

And finally there is his older brother GOB (Will Arnett) an incompetent magician that always sabotages Michael’s attempts to save the family along with stealing every scene he is in.

One can only pray that this movie gets made, because even though the show had a definitive conclusion I feel there are still more stories that can be told with the Bluth family. Now if only GOB’s puppet Franklin would do the soundtrack…

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