Brew Review: Tecate

What goes well with food? Beer, of course. But what goes well with spicy and salty food? Tecate, of course…?

First things first: Tecate’s signature red can is alluring in a weird way, like ogling a decent looking girl who seems to have that extra something you can’t quite put your finger on. You can purchase Tecate in glass bottles, but I recommend going for the classic can for the full experience – that smooth, late-night at the local restaurant/lounge experience. Yeah…that’s the stuff.

There are plenty of beer drinkers that despise the taste and smell of Tecate, which admittingly is pretty bland with a slight corn sweetness. While it’s totally fair to pan a beer for tasting less than stellar, Tecate’s light carbonation and taste work to its advantage – when food is involved.

For “quenching your thirst” (your thirst for getting wasted on the cheap, that is) and cleaning your palette, the brew works like a charm; as a stand-alone it’s not up to snuff.

I would bet that Tecate is a great beer for cooking purposes, though…

Tecate stats:

Smells like: sawdust and sweet sweat; blue collar beer

Tastes like: unremarkable but slightly sweet

Alcohol content: 4.50%, with heavy drinkability

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Why Rambo is An Icon!
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