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5 Drinking Games to Break the Ice


We all know that to throw a fantastic party you need more than just a few kegs of beer and some attractive ladies. (Well, not really. Still, drinking games are a must, as they are a sure-fire way to loosen up the vibe. Who doesn’t like an old-fashioned round of quarters?)

Now, with a few choice drinking games you can transform what started out as a social gathering into a wild (and crazy) night of debauchery and shenanigans. Girls skinny dipping, Frank the Tank downing a yard of ale in less than a minute and frivolous copulation with inebriated freshmen!

(Ok, none of those will happen, but just imagine…)

So, without further ado, I present to you: 5 Drinking Games to Break the Ice!

digg_url = ‘’; Beer Pong

* At least 12 pints (or just glasses) of beer
* A ping-pong ball
* A table

The Rules:

There should be two teams – each with at least 6 pints of beer. Each team arranges the pints in a triangle similar to a set of balls on a pool table at either end of the table. Players from each team must then take it in turns to throw the ping-pong ball into the other team’s pints. If they succeed, a member of the other team must down the pint. The empty glass is then removed and the remaining pints are arranged to be as close together as possible and the game continues with each team alternating.

A winner is decided when all the pints on the opposition’s team have been cleared. The losing team must then down any remaining beers left from the winners.


Materials needed:

* An empty glass
* A quarter
* A solid table

The Rules:

Competitors sit around a table (a solid wooden table is best) with an empty glass in the middle of the table. Before the game starts players choose the universal poison for the game, as well as the amount of booze they must drink. Each player must take the quarter and try to bounce it off the table and into the glass. If they succeed they must choose another player at the table to consume the alcohol of choice previously suggested. A turn will end only when the player misses the glass with the quarter.

The game can be made more interesting by allowing shooters who bounce the quarter into the glass 3 times consecutively to develop new rules as the game progresses! If any rules are broken, the guilty party must consume the agreed beverage.

The Jerry Springer

Materials needed:

* Cable TV
* Lots of booze

The Rules:

The rules to the game made famous by the movie BaseketBall are quite simple, but very potent. You first pick your poison. Be it tequila, vodka, ouzo, whisky or absinthe. (Actually, in the interests of your health DON’T use absinthe!). All participants sit watching an episode of Jerry Springer. Every time a fight breaks out you must take a shot of the agreed alcoholic beverage. That’s it. Depending on the show – you could find yourself hammered within about 30 minutes!

Shot Boxing

Materials needed:

* Stopwatch
* 2 shot glasses
* 2 dice
* 4 people
* Lots of beer

The Rules:

This is a head-to-head drinking game with two people helping out each participant as their ‘corner man’. Sitting opposite each other, the contestants roll the die and the person with the lowest amount takes the punch (i.e. a shot). Once they have downed the shot, the corner man quickly fills the glass and the dice are rolled again.

This is a fast paced game played in 3 minute rounds with 30 seconds of rest between each round. You can play till someone quits or pukes but you can also set a limited number of rounds to avoid the cleanup of bodily fluids later!

The Centurion

Materials needed:

* Shot glasses for all contestants
* An unlimited supply of beer
* An extremely strong stomach!

The Rules:

I’ve saved my favorite game for last: The Centurion. The premise of the game is simple. Drink one shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes. In practise however, you’re consuming over 8 pints of beer in just over an hour and a half which will have even the hardest drinker begging for mercy by the end! If a player vomits in the minute between shots they can continue as normal. If a player misses a shot, they can still carry on if they neck the number of shots missed plus an additional forfeit shot! The winner is the last man – or woman – standing!

The crazy Russians make this game even tougher by substituting beer for a spirit, usually vodka, on a certain ‘nth’ shot. E.g. every tenth shot will be vodka!

So there you have it. Although skinny dipping and other scandalous happenings didn’t go down, you got trashed and slept off the sadness. Congrats?

  • COED Writer