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COED Remembers: The Lingerie Bowl


The Lingerie Bowl has been a staple of the Super Bowl half time since its debut in 2004. Although it’s cheesy (and pretty sexist) I feel like my 2008 Super Bowl experience might go unfulfilled now that I can’t see beautiful babes run up and down the field in a bra and panties.

This year’s Lingerie Bowl has been canceled due to permitting problems – so let’s take a look back to what football fans will be missing this Sunday.

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Former NFL Star Substitutions
Every now and again a former NFL star or two would take the field and show these 103LB girls how they did it in the late 1980’s.

On The Field Action
It was on the field where the real hard hitting football action takes place. Nothing like bimbos crushing other bimbos all tied together in their one commonality: lingerie.

Girls Gettin’ Frisky
When someone gets knocked down, or just has their feelings knocked, the girls like to kiss and make up. I’m sure glad this practice hasn’t transitioned into the NFL.

Sideline Commercial Break Posing
When the girls aren’t making plays on the field, they’re posing for the cameras on the sideline. They enjoy this part of the game almost as much as the game itself.

Sexy Refs
These girls keep the game in check. If you screw around they will blow the whistle – and that’s not the only thing they’ll blow, if you catch my drift.

Team Photos
Team photos offer a chance for the girls to pose together and practice their game faces.

Post Game Award Ceremony
This is the part of the game where the winners get to dump Gatorade on each other and have champagne-spraying fights.

Lingerie Bowl Cheerleaders
The role of the cheerleader in the Lingerie Bowl is different from the role of an NFL cheerleader. While an NFL cheerleader is paid to get the male-dominated crowd riled up the Lingerie Bowl cheerleaders are paid to make the girls on the field look sexier.

Halftime Fashion Show
Nothing says football half time celebration quite like a fashion show.

Offensive Huddles
This is where we see the girls bent over, trying to pretend like they know what is going on. Utterly sexy and hilarious at the same time.

Ouch I broke a nail… enough said.

Locker Room Coverage
This is where the girls get fitted for equipment, receive instruction from their coaches and change into their gear.

Media Guide Pictures
Each years Lingerie Bowl has a media guide to introduce each player to the fans.

Though nobody wants to see a girl taken off the field in a stretcher because of a torn Achilles, I will argue the league relies on this solely for male ratings.

What Will You Miss Most?

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