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Cheating With Your Ex: Always Bad


You ran into your ex-girlfriend at the bar. She was looking hotter than ever, and you clearly weren’t going to ignore her, so you went over to say hello. And three, four – say 10 drinks later – you wound up saying much more in bed.

Normally, we’d give you a high five and say, “Good for you, stud!” But you have a girlfriend. An awesome girl – let’s call her Sally – who’s sweet and nice and even pays for dinner sometimes. You feel terrible, and you told Sally this, that you regretted the hook-up the second after it occurred.

Although honesty is normally the best policy, in this case it’s painful to uphold.

Yes, it’s great that you came forward and told the truth, but you probably should have told your best friend, or even your mom, instead of Sally because she will most likely never forgive you. Despite being sorry, think about what you’re asking Sally for: to take you back after you cheated on her with a girl you used to date. That’s even worse than a random one-night stand ‘ a girl you clearly never have romantic feelings for.

At least you have a conscience – you do feel bad, after all. But flip things around and imagine how you’d feel if Sally cheated on you with her ex-boyfriend. Not so great, huh?

There is a slight, minuscule change you can win her back, but it’s gonna take a whole lot of effort. If she doesn’t break up with you on the spot, she will bring up the infidelity during every fight and remember it on every girls’ night out. If she dumps you immediately, you might win her back with some time off for good behavior. Essentially, never call her but endure her yelling when she does ring you up. Apologize each time this occurs.

But with an infidelity this bad and a girlfriend that angry, you’re better off calling it quits and moving on. How’s that ex-girlfriend looking now?

COED Writer