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“Cloverfield” Sequel Already in Talks?


After a metric-ton of viral videos and red herrings involving the plot, Cloverfield is finally in theaters today…but wait! As always in the world of J.J. Abrams, the plot thickens…

The guys over at Bloody Disgusting (SpookyDan to be more precise) talked with Cloverfield director Matt Reeves and writer Drew Goodard during the red-carpet premiere of the film last night. After a few tidbits about the movie’s creation – Goodard states that it was shot as an R-rated film then edited for a wider market (read: PG-13) – an interesting idea was candidly tossed out by Reeves regarding a Cloverfield sequel – or at least an alternate version of sorts.

Reeves had this to say about a Cloverfield sequel:

“Only time will tell. While we were on set making the film we talked about the possibilities and directions of how a sequel can go. The fun of this movie was that it might not have been the only movie being made that night, there might be another movie! In today’s day and age of people filming their lives on their iPhones and handy cams, uploading it to YouTube…That was kind of exciting thinking about that.”

Hmmmmmm…the idea is somewhat novel, but I can’t help but notice that filming the same idea from a different angle is, well, the new Hollywood way. If the ratings are any indication of Cloverfield‘s quality, they may be able to pull it off without being too hokey or exploitive.

  • COED Writer