WTF Website: Little Pet Project

I’m all about saving dogs and cats…especially when I’m face-to-face with massive taters.

Little Pet Project‘s main focus is preventing dogs and cats in shelters from being euthanized. And what better way to say “I care about animals” than purchasing a calendar of scantily-clad women with their puppies and kittens on display (hardy har)?

After a cursory look through the picture galleries, I must say that I’m either inspired to save every stray animal I find in an alleyway, or motivated to look for free porn online. Probably both.

Ok, let’s be fair: outside of the screwed-up logic, this is a fine website with a good purpose. How often can you say that about a site with busty broads showing their bodies? Not often, I’m assuming.

Bonus feature: Heather Clem, wife of Shock Jock Bubba the Love Sponge (gotta love that name) is featured prominently in the Little Pet Project 2008 calendar.

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