World Series of Beer Pong III Recap

The World Series of Beer Pong recently concluded, and the tag team named Chauffeuring the Fat Kid from San Diego, CA beat out 296 teams to take top honors and the $50,000 prize.

COED is proud to announce “We Run New York” (a team comprised of one guy from Weehawken, NJ and another guy from Manchester, CT; I’m not exactly sure how they run New York) took a respectable 4th place.

The final matchup was videotaped and posted up on YouTube. With $50,000 on the line, the kids from CA were down 4 cups to 0 and had to clear the table (make 4 in a row) to push overtime. The first member of Chauffeuring the Fat Kid landed one and missed the next, leaving it up to his partner, who under pressure sunk 3 in a row, bringing the match to overtime and ultimately winning the team champion status and 50K.

Check out the final matchup video after the jump.

One thing I noticed from the video is that the WSOBP obviously doesn’t have leaning rules because the one guy is practically dunking the ball on the other side. Next year I plan an winning WSOBP IV with my new partner Kenny “The Lean” George.


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