Lynsey “Jessica Simpson Lookalike” Nordstrom is Famous…Today

Now that Terrell Owens’ crying in defense of Tony Romo is old news (it’s destined to be commemorated in a “Best Week Ever” clip) Lynsey “Jessica Simpson Lookalike” Nordstrom is the new anti-news of the day. Tell your friends, update your away message.

Lynsey was hired by the pranksters at the New York Post to jinx the Dallas Cowboys; it looks like their scheme worked.The aftermath of the incident (of which I don’t recall hearing about during the game, only this morning) has propelled Lynsey into the upper echelon of non-stardom, joining the likes of _______, ________ and most recently, ________.

Whether Lynsey (the absolute worst spelling of “Lindsay” ever) is as dumb as Jessica or a perfectly-executed satire is currently under investigation. Her MySpace page convinces me that she’s the real deal, and possibly even dumber than her soulmate.

(Photo via New York Post)

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