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7PM Suicide Girl: Peyote Suicide


Peyote Suicide
Age 19
Location Arizona

whiskey, tracy, art, travel, baking,
harsh honesty.

Not Cool:
Stupid broads, the word ‘uber’, debt,
being stuck in one place for too long,
video games, materialism, mental

Makes her happy:
When things go according to plan,
people watching, road trips, east
coast cities, good greek salads,
the occasional stogie on the back
porch under the big desert night
sky, nostalgic songs.

Makes her sad:
When people do not follow out their
dreams, no matter how big or
‘unrealistic’, 90% of Californians

Fave Bands:
Tom Waits, Smashing Pumpkins
Shins, MeWithoutYou, Sigur Ros

Fave Films:
The Dreamers, Igby Goes Down
The Virgin Suicides, Tarantino Films

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  • COED Writer