Get Classy with a XYXX Condom Case

Girls like dopey cute guys, but not the types that fumble around with condom wrappers and put the safety net on backwards. That’s not dopey or cute – it’s stupid and embarrassing.

Also, stuffing a pack of condoms in your pocket not only looks ridiculous (responsible, but ridiculous) but also may look quite unattractive to females. Would you be turned on by a girl with condoms visibly stuffed in her pants pocket? Don’t answer that.

XYXX has designed a Condom Case that’s as slim as an iPod – and just as sleek. The case slides open like most cell phones (and whores), revealing a ring of condoms.

The rest is up to you, fair warrior.

One part of me laughs at the idea of carrying around yet another cell-phone sized package in my pocket (and I don’t mean that package – I promise that’s slightly larger than a cell phone). Then again, women carry around their birth control pills in fancy wood boxes and cookie tins, so what do I know? Only a supreme a**hole could really find fault with you carrying around an anti-babymaker box.

Just don’t mistake it for a lighter when drunk…or do. At the very least, it’s a great conversation piece; at the worst it’s a tell-tale sign for women to avoid you, the guy who uses condoms so often that he purchased a macho pill box to carry them in. Your call.

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