Tony Romo’s Kryptonite: Celebrity Sideline T&A

Sitting next to her father and manager Joe Simpson, the Employee of the Month star showed her support for her new beau by sporting a Cowboys jersey with Tony’s #9 — in pink, of course — emblazoned on the front and back. Sadly, having Jess in the stands was not exactly good luck for Tony, who not only lost the game, but also had his worst day ever as a starting quarterback.

OK Magazine

The “Jessica Simpson Curse” is in full effect and the backlash from the Cowboys faithful will have her ducking for cover at the next game.

What would normally be a PR fairytale (“young gun” QB dates beautiful Hollywood starlet) has turned into a nightmare as fans believe Simpson’s big boobs, blond hair and questionable motives have clouded the young football star’s playoff hopes in the month that they have been dating.

Fan blogs have even go as far to ask the Cowboys to ban her from the stadium and have questioned her fashionably-pink Tony Romo jersey by saying, “What the crap is up with stinking pink football jerseys for women? Be a real fan and wear your team colors! Pink jerseys ought to be outlawed. It’s an abomination against football. And does Jessica even know anything about football?”

Is Simpson really the root of the problem, because Romo’s past history of allowing the Ms. to stop by the office has been just as bleak.

Just last year on Christmas Day Romo was seen canoodling with then-girlfriend Carrie Underwood on the field before his game against the Eagles. That day Romo posted a 45.5 QB rating (second lowest of his career behind yesterday’s 22.5 performance) and the Eagles romped all over the Cowboys, 23-7 leading T.O. to bitch and whine about his lack of touches.

The fine folks at The700Level put it best: “Tony Romo’s already been anointed the next great QB by the national media and is having a helluva season, but have we discovered his kryptonite? Celebrity Sideline Poon?”

The answer looks like a big fat blond, busty yes.

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