Matt Damon Time Warp: “Scotty Doesn’t Know”

Matt Damon was crowned 2007’s “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine and his films have grossed a total of $2.28 billion, placing him in the top twenty-five grossing actors of all time. In August 2007, Forbes placed Damon as the most bankable star of the actors it reviewed, revealing that Damon had averaged $29 at the box office for every dollar he earned for his last three films.

Since Damon is one of the highest paid and successful actors of our time it was humbling to see him have a cameo role in the 2004 cult classic EuroTrip.

The theme song for EuroTrip, “Scotty Doesn’t Know,” was written exclusively for the movie. It was performed by the band Lustra, but in the movie, the lead singer was portrayed by a grungy-looking Matt Damon (complete with shaved head!) whose character has surreptitiously stolen a girl from “Scotty,” hence the title and subject matter.

The song contains numerous lewd references to how Scotty’s girlfriend Fiona (played by Kristin Kreuk) has been cheating on him with Damon’s character for an extended period of time. In the movie, the song becomes something of a popular phenomenon: a week or so later in Bratislava, the song has been remixed and is playing in a popular nightclub. By the end of the movie, it has become so widespread and (presumably) popular that Scotty’s best friend Cooper is able to use it as his cell phone ringtone. The song is noted by several characters in the film (including members of Scotty’s own family and even Scotty himself) for having a “catchy tune.”

So there you have it! The world’s sexiest man and billion-dollar actor shaved his head and was paid a fraction of his normal salary for the unpublicized “secret” cameo.

That’s what I call dedication.

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