Collegiate Couple’s Con-Artistry Comes to an End

Nothing says media hoopla more than a young, fresh-faced couple with major assets going above the law, enjoying themselves to the max, just to get arrested.

Edward Anderton and Jocelyn Kirsch, a couple from Philadelphia who both come from high-society backgrounds and prestigious schools, decided they didn’t have the means to support the lifestyle they so deserve – so they stole credit cards, passports and full-blown identities.

Using state-of-the-art technology, Anderton and Kirsch burglarized neighbor’s bank accounts and opened false credit lines, with most of the damage being done from their apartment.

The con-artist couple’s on-the-run lifestyle has earned them the moniker of “the Bonnie and Clyde of Identity Theft.” I personally have forgotten when Bonnie and Clyde had rich doctors for parents, spent other people’s money venturing to EZ-living vacation spots, boasted closets filled with expensive clothing and toasted to their $100,000 worth of successful schemings in lavish hot tubs.

Kirsch was supposed to throw a party tonight at an upscale restaurant/lounge in Philly for Anderton’s 25th birthday. Getting arrested on fraud charges nixed that plan for the conniving couple.

Upon the news that Anderton and Kirsch got arrested, former schoolmates of Kirsch lashed out, heckling her sudden demise. Sallie Cook, former friend of Kirsch – while in school Kirsch allegedly stole money from Cook’s ATM card – text-messaged Kirsch “How was jail?” upon getting word of her arrest.

A Facebook group titled “SHE GOIN’ TO JAAAAAAAAIL!!!! (and THAT’S hilarious)” was created soon after the news broke as well.

Way to go, kiddos – now face serious time for your actions, rich-bitches.

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