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Where to Blow Your Cash Betting on NCAA Games


Believe it or not, the NCAA football season is wrapping up. I know, I know – there’s still more than a month until bowl time but it’s never to early to start thinking about where you are gonna blow your parents hard earned cash when it’s time to bet. Plus Notre Dame blows this year and deep down I’m wishing the season would end tomorrow. Anyway back to the point!

So the lawyers don’t come knocking at my door:

Betting is irresponsible and can get you in a ton of trouble/debt but with that said its damn fun and makes watching the games like 107 times more exciting!

A traditional betting hot-spot that has two names but goes by one, VEGAS, isn’t the only place that will accept your money, and if you’re a good guesser give you some back in return.

Here are two more viable betting options when bowl season is in full swing… oh yeah March Madness is only a few months away too!
Online gambling is one of the worlds fastest growing businesses. The US department of Justice says online gambling is illegal but online gaming sites like BoDog get around that by moving their operation offshore.

Most sites will give you a starting bonus of 20%, meaning if you deposit $100 to play with it’s like you get $20 free to bet with.

Use online betting resources, track you’re money well and this is the safest route to go. Just remember that some online casinos can take 3 days to 4 weeks to transfer money won into your bank account so read the fine print before signing up.

To find a bookie just hit any popular sports bar and ask around, it seems everyone knows a quality bookie these days.

Although the bookie takes a standard 10% cut there is an added excitement when it comes to dealing with bookies and you’re payout is guaranteed to be weekly… in cash! Just remember to pay on time or they’ll come after you like in Hard Ball when Keanu gets his ass whooped.

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