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Catch a Cheating Girlfriend with Help from Ghostface Killah


Has your girl been unfaithful, sleeping around with the entire campus? As we have learned in the past, if you think it’s going on then it usually is.

If you have trouble following your instinct and need true evidence, get all Dick Tracy and do some investigating. Below I will give you a few pointers, and COED’s boy Ghostface Killah (new album out December 4) will chime in with his opinion.

First: Detect Clues
If she’s not coming back to your dorm consistently, avoiding your calls or it seems like her roommate is covering for her than something is amiss.

Ghostface says, “You need to check up on her car. If the passenger seat laid back, she had another ni**a up in there.”

Also when confronted if she speeds up or shuts down then something is up.

Second: Play Dumb
Girls are a lot smarter when it comes to cheating, guys! We’re just not as sneaky. Act like you don’t know about what is going on and her; the other scumbag will think they are getting away Scotch free. When she says she went to a movie ask her about it then ask again in a few weeks. Remember the details and this is where you will most likely catch her in a lie.

Third: Gather Evidence
Is she wearing new jewelry or clothes out of the blue? Does she smell like another mans cologne? She’s going around your back.

Ghostface says, “If she won’t let you eat that pu**y, it might be because someone else has just been down there and she doesn’t want to get in trouble. Unless she’s some nasty bitch, word!”

Fourth: Protect Yourself
As Ghostface Killah says, “Don’t trust any girls – I always look at a girl like she’s lying because I’ve been hurt so many times. Out of 100 girls, five might be truly yours. The other 95, they gonna do what they gonna do. A girl that was brought up right isn’t into the club scene, she wants to stay in and cook and clean. But if they are parting every night, they f***in’ G.”

I don’t know about you, but if Ghostface says it, then its gotta be true.

COED Writer