The Daily Shocker: Ask 500 People

Does true love exist? Ask 500 people. Are male doctors more trusted than women doctors? Ask 500 people. Ham or bologna? You guessed it…

Hair spray: handles your frizz, gives you a buzz.

Hot = girls who fart in front of their boyfriends.

Speaking of hygiene, be careful when you decide to comb your hair – your life may be at stake.

The 25 Most Baffling Toys From Around the World (read: Japan).

Parents, school board, student in detention: can’t any of your problems be solved by hugging-it-out? Oh, that’s what got the student in detention in the first place? Wow…

I have personally lived in three of the Top Five Worst States. Hint: they all start with “New.”

Chivalry Equals Equality
Chivalry Equals Equality
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