Chivalry Equals Equality

I consider myself a classy guy – opening doors for people, walking the not-so-able elderly across the street and occasionally giving food (or money) to the homeless. More importantly, I always make sure to keep constant with one thing when it comes to being charitable: equality.

If somebody needs assistance in any way, shape or form within reason I will help them, no questions asked. This brings me to the question at hand: why should being chivalrous be exclusive to women? Doesn’t everybody deserve equal treatment?

The phrase “that’s not how you treat a lady” has bothered me ever since I reached puberty. Who came up with the idea that women and women only deserve special respect? Is it not important enough to know how to “treat a man?” Does it not matter at all?

I personally think that it’s disrespecful to coddle a woman in every way possible. If I was babied every waking hour I would feel like I can’t accomplish anything on my own. I open the door for my girlfriend as often as she opens the door for me; outside of random acts of kindness we go dutch on the bill; we respect each other enough to not hold a specific gender’s role above common courtesy.

So what’s the deal? Why do some females suggest that both genders should be equal while trumpeting the idealism of absolute power via cheap niceties?

Powder-nosed neo-debutantes take chivalry to a disgusting level, expecting nothing more than the finest acts of kindness with little to no acknowledgment. This not only makes women look selfish and high-maintenance – stereotypes are a bitch, not unlike the girls in question – but men start to deviate from good behavior to bad-boy posturing.

How can a guy win, in a society that teaches us to treat a lady with respect all the while having us believe that women want a man to be cool and careless?

In the end, ladies, you are the enablers – if over-dominant men keep finding themselves with submissive women while nice guys get taken advantage of, well…

Chivalry may be alive, but silly expectations are destroying it.

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