How Do I Know If My Girlfriend’s Cheating on Me?

Most people get skeptical about their significant other from time to time – that’s a given.

But sometimes your gut-feeling pervades your brain, and you can’t think straight: why is everything different? Is she cheating?

“The truth is that you will know a lot longer before you will let yourself know what you know,” Dr. Jackie Black declares.

By that she means you’ll have a pretty good idea your girl’s on the prowl, but because you didn’t actually see her getting a “Danza slap” from some guy, you’ll try to shrug off the fact your gal’s losing weight and upgrading her wardrobe. And that’s just for starters.

She’s also using a brand-new perfume and going from calling you three times a day to once a week. Round that out with her always saying she needs to work late and cancel weekend plans as well as flipping the script, calling you paranoid and presto! – instant cheat.

“Men have an enormously difficult time trusting their intuition,” Dr. Jackie notes, even when they should. So if you’re suspicious about your sweetie and the gardener, chances are the dude’s got two hoses.” Great – thanks, Doc.

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