Who’s REALLY Threatening Your Relationship?

No matter how well your relationship seems to be going, there are always threats circling.

Perhaps the most potent threat comes in the form of the enemy invader — the man who has the power to lure your girlfriend into the tempting and dangerous world of infidelity. And even if your girlfriend is a woman of unyielding loyalty, your own jealousy-justified or not-can create a relationship hazard. So, is your jealousy justified?

Let’s take a look at the prime suspects, and see if we can’t figure out what they’ve been up to.

The Drunk Stranger

It’s the scenario we all fear. Our girlfriend goes out, hangs with friends, flirts with fellow drunks, makes a bad decision, and wakes up with her underwear hanging from some stranger’s chandelier. While the scenario lends itself easily to our imaginations, the truth is that the drunk-stranger scenario isn’t as much of a threat as we make it out to be. Why? Even drunk, most of us can be savvy enough to know that the momentary adrenaline that may come from said hookup isn’t worth the long-term damage that comes later. The exception: If your partner shows a propensity to make bad, dangerous decisions when drinking. In which case, they have to change, or go.

Potential Threat Level: 1 star (unless…)

The Ex

Tough one. Some of us want nothing more to do with our exes once we break up. And some of us keep have our exes as our desktop background for years after the split. Since we’re very sensitive about the status of the ex (according to national surveys I did for Men, Love & Sex, 20 percent of us think that searching the Internet for an ex is cheating, for example), we all know the stakes. We know that our current girlfriend used to find something attractive about the ex-so we’re vulnerable to feeling as if we’ll never live up to that prior history. While hooking back up with an ex is tempting, most of remember exactly why we broke up in the first place. Novelty is the greatest temptation toward cheating, and that’s one thing an old flame can’t offer: the lure of something new.

Potential Threat Level: 2 stars

The Opposite-Sex Friend

Drives you crazy, eh? Shee meets him for coffee every week. She IMs an old high school buddy a few times a month. The opposite-sex friend lurks like a hungry wolf, ready to pounce at the next opportunity. While I’m convinced that men and women can both be very good at drawing the line between friendship and romance, the truth is that it’s pretty darn easy for a long-lasting friendship to turn into a secretly burning romance. In the aforementioned surveys, one-fifth of women say they secretly love their platonic friend, with many more secretly lusting after them. That doesn’t mean that your girlfriend can’t have opposite-sex friends, but it does mean that as the friendship grows, so do the odds of trouble.

Potential Threat Level: 5 stars

 reprinted from Yahoo Health

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