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Facebook Music is Here…and I Love iLike!


As we announced exclusively last week, Facebook Music is here!

The Facebook Music service will work in conjunction with the “Facebook Ad service,” treating music artists like any other brand.

Artists can build their brand page that includes tour dates, music pages, web links and album information. It also allows for user interacting through the wall, messaging and the ability for users to become a “fan.” 50 Cent‘s Facebook page is a great example of how it all works:

Check out the breakdown after the jump!

iLike, the Facebook music application with over 10 million Facebook users, announced a new strategy yesterday in response to the Facebook Music news.Check out Avril’ Lavigne’s Facebook iLike page to see what they are bringing to the table:

Techcrunch tells us, “Already, any band or musician can create an iLike artist page on Facebook that includes their most popular songs (filtered by what your friends like), upcoming concert dates (click on a date and see if any of your friends are going), an artist blog called iCast, related artists, and a Fan Wall where Facebook members can leave notes. In fact, half-a-million have done so.”

To prevent Facebook from leapfrogging their popular application iLike will generate 160,000 pre-populated artists template pages with the features listed above. Artists can choose to maintain their iLike page or leave it as is.

As of right now I love iLike for two reasons:

#1 They already have 10+ million people using the system which will allow for immediate activity on the new pages.

#2 I’m pissed off at Facebook for dropping the ball. With an opportunity to take the digital music world to a whole new “integrated” level Zuckerberg got cold feet and rolled out a product that doesn’t offer an ounce of new.

But who knows? At this very moment Facebook could be conducting more secret meetings at record labels planning the 2nd generation of Facebook Music that will sound the death knoll for MySpace.

I can only wish!

COED Writer