Girls Love to Flaunt Drunken Madness on Facebook

Here is my response to the UK’s Daily Mail article titled “The ladettes who glorify their shameful drunken antics on Facebook”:

“Drunken antics” points out how Facebook is being used as a tool for girls to flaunt how drunk and wild they get in college. I know this sounds like an oxymoron; but just look at the Facebook group “30 Reasons Girls Should Call It A Night” for proof.

Over 157,000+ skanky members and growing by the minute.

What I expected to be an article featuring telling photographic proof of the graphic “gone wild” antics of college girls turned out to be a PG-censored fest. Very disappointing!

At first I assumed that I was the only person who felt they were duped into clicking the story by an eye-catching, NSFW-esque title, but apparently I wasn’t – just look at the disgruntled Digg comment board for the story!

To help everyone better understand the drunken antics of today’s college girls I have compiled a series of seven galleries, each representing seven different major US colleges.

***All pictures were taken from Facebook, thus proving there is indeed drunken madness going down 24/7 on college campuses…and girls love to flaunt it on Facebook!***

University of Colorado – Boulder

University of Connecticut

University of Kentucky

University of Minnesota

Oregon State University

University of Texas – Austin

Washington State University

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