Brew Review: Bass Pale Ale

When I go out to any of my local bars I’m usually hell-bent on getting drunk on the cheap or ordering something sensible to mull over with my thoughts. Since Bass Pale Ale is straight down the middle of the beer scale it often gets overlooked. There’s no good reason for that, as Bass Pale Ale is one of the better beers for the common drinker, like myself.

Bass Pale Ale is a traditional English brew in every sense of the word, right down to the last smooth, bitter-hops drop. Recommended by most on tap or in bottle – steer clear of the cans – the beer pours a thicker-than-expected head that spiders down the amber-colored brew in an attractive manner.

Its scent is reminiscent of other English Pale Ales, grain followed by a buttery finish. The taste also reflects the scent, very earthy without feeling too heavy (dues properly given to its not-too-heavy carbonation).

Since it’s priced moderately and available at any worthwhile pub recommending Bass Pale Ale is a sure thing. If buying in bulk I would suggest keeping them at a relatively mild setting rather than severely chilled. Most beers are better slightly cold (not freezing) but Bass Pale Ale flavor in particular is savored far more when not served in sub-zero temperatures.

Bass Pale Ale stats

Tastes like: earthy, toasted grains with a thin malt aftertaste

Smells like: buttery, grainy goodness

Alcohol content: typical (nothing wrong with that)

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