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More Random Crap (You Really Do Need)


Water Ball
Price: $439
Finally you can walk on water just like Jesus (facial hair optional). Made of a clear transparent material all you just have to blow it up, open up the zipper, climb in, and re-inflate. Go for a run, or look at fish through the bottom. The possibilities are endless. Just don’t stay in there longer then 30 minutes or that Carbon Monoxide will make you sleepy.

“Wet” Flavored Lubricant
Price: $6.99
Who said lubricant had to taste like crap! TRIGG Laboratories has saved your backdoor problems with flavored lubricants. You can chose from Kiwi-Strawberry, Passion Fruit Punch, Blueberry, Cherry or Pina Colada. If your more of a traditional man you can go with the Wet Original, but how traditional can you be if your back there.

Magic Cone
Price: $4.99 (Pack of 3)
The genders are finally equal! The Magic Cone finally allows the fairer sex to pee standing up, which comes in handy at Port-a-Johns and bar toilets where sitting down might not be the best option. And ladies can finally watch the urinal cake erode.

Subversive Cross Stitch
Price: $20.00
Created by a disgruntled office worker named Julie Jackson these pieces of needlework don’t shun the traditional flowers and birds, they just add a little personality. Not surprisingly the top seller is “Go F—K Yourself.â€? Now even knitting is telling me off.

Iced-Out Jewelry
Price: Varies
Are you not as pimped out as you could be? Well, a chrome wheel belt buckle will fix that quick. Be the first kid in your dorm with a belt buckle that scrolls their name. How about a sterling silver cross, or a personalized Lil’ Jon Pimp Cup? Someone has to wear this stuff now that the NBA has a dress code.

Keurig Single Cup Brewers
Price: $99.99-$199.95
When the caffeine wall hits you, you need coffee, stat. This brewer will spit you out a cup of Joe in 45 seconds, or a cup of tea if you’re a dandy. You don’t even have to worry about the grounds because they come in portion packs. I am still waiting for the Coffee I.V. myself.

Where to Get’em

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West Flavored Lubricant:
Magic Cone:
Subversive Cross Stitch:
Iced Out Jewelry:
Keurig Single Cup Brewers:

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