What We Can Learn From Maury Povich

Here at the College Candy offices, we watch a lot of TV. In our mindless daytime TV repertoire is everything you can ask for…if you’re asking for trash.But it’s good trash! Jerry Springer, The Price Is Right, Judge Judy, and then our favorite…back-to-back episodes of Maury.

I love Maury Povich. He’s pushing 70 and he can still instill fear into the toughest baby-daddy. And that, my friends, is admirable. After watching 2 episodes a day for the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a pattern from Maury. He’s not just a talk show host. He’s a teacher willing to listen, educate, and then find our real fathers. And because he’s a veritable saint, there are many things we could all learn from Mr. Povich.

Write this down:

If you feed your children whatever they want…they will be obese. And Maury will let you know you’re a terrible parent.

Boys Beware: Women who look like men are way more common than one would think.

“You don’t know” any angry (or, slutty) teen girls. And if you do? “They don’t care” what you think!

Guys, you’re probably the father. Girls, stop having so much unprotected sex.

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