My Addiction to the Blackberry Facebook Application

Facebook and my Blackberry Pearl are like crack cocaine to me… I’m hooked!

Facebook loves Blackberry, and Blackberry loves Facebook – so they got hitched, banged out a kid, named it ‘Facebook for Blackberry Application‘ and he/she/it has only made my addiction to both stronger…if that’s even humanly possible.

The Facebook for Blackberry application is obscenely easy to use and has allowed me to stay connected to my friends at all times. Now I can update my status on the fly, post/tag mobile picture blogs and – you guessed it – much, much more!

There are some kinks that need to be worked out: AT&T users have had trouble downloading the application and people with certain operating systems have experienced crashing problems – but the 38,000 people who have downloaded the application since it’s launch on Oct 24 can’t be wrong. With mostly positive reviews and word-of-mouth advertising spreading like the Southern California wild fires we can only expect that number to rise.

If you have a BB and you’d like to download the application visit the Download Page.

After the jump check out screen captures of the application in use, feature listings and user download statistics.

Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones gives you wireless access to:

Home screen notifications when you have a new Facebook event (wall posts, messages)

The full text of new messages or wall posts, who’s poking you, new photo tags and friend requests

Your status and the status of your friends

All of your Facebook friends

Photo-sharing – simply snap a picture with your BlackBerry smartphone’s camera, then post it to Facebook with one click; you can even tag your friends

The Facebook experience you’re already familiar with, optimized for and integrated with your BlackBerry smartphone

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If the Patriots Bitchslap You – Don’t Whine!
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