To celebrate the fine tradition of Halloween we here at COED have compiled the best sites for ghost stories and other paranormal activities that have spooked out people for ages.

Prepare to get freaked the f*** out.

Haunted Libraries in the U.S.

Bookish-types beware: studying for your midterm just got scarier.

The Scole Experiment

What do you get when four psychic researchers conduct various tests in a mysterious village? You get “The Scole Experiment.”

Haunted Museums

A virtual online tour of truly-insane happenings in museums.

Ghost Hunting

An essential primer for the very-real world of ghost hunting.

Rock the House

A story about a Dutch explorer in 1903 who traveled to Sumatra (Indonesia) with rocky results.

The Lucid Dreamer

Krueger eat your heart out: controlling your dreams is explained in fascinating detail.


Cryptomnesia, the act of forgetting memories, has been theorized as an effective way to recall a person’s “past life.” Not according to this blog.

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