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Movies to Watch this Hallo-weekend


With Halloween coming up, it’s prime-time to watch a horror movie – but where? Are any movies worth watching in theaters this weekend? What’s new on DVD? Do drive-in theaters still exist?

No worries, moviegoer – these questions and more will be answered after the jump.

In theaters:

Saw IV is the obvious choice to satisfy your lust for blood this weekend. The series, while being a tad overripe, has been consistent pulling out all the stops in the name of all that’s gruesome. Even if Saw IV‘s gimmicks get old, the gore doesn’t…well, at least this weekend. 30 Days of Night is a great choice if Saw IV is sold out; it’s a fine flick for fans of the genre, even moreso than Saw IV.

Horror movies not your thing? Do you have a date that’s not into blood n’ guts? Try Dan in Real Life – you can’t go wrong with Steve Carrell…but you can go wrong with his co-star, Dane Cook. Nonetheless it looks worth the gamble.

If you really want to give yourself a scare watch Tyler Perry’s trainwreck Why Did I Get Married? – it’s horrifying for all the wrong reasons.

At home:

Not into the movies featured this weekend? Neither am I; but there are plenty of essential movies out on DVD worthy of a weekend watch.

Two icky flicks, one compound word: Grindhouse. While it’s debatable the Grindhouse experience will be as good at your apartment as it was in theaters – both movies are separate releases on DVD; buy both for maximum effect – a heaping pile of nachos, a case of Natty Ice and a metric-ton of weed will mimic the vibe to a T.

If you’re down for a horror marathon I recommend the Nightmare on Elm Street series, with A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors being the favorite of the bunch. Avoid the new breed and dig Krueger’s classics. Other notable marathon picks include the Friday the 13th, Halloween and Hellraiser series. Want more thrills and less gore? The Seventh Sign should suffice.

At the drive-in:

No, no, no – when I say “At the drive-in” I don’t mean the seminal punk group of the late 90s; I’m talking about the outside movie venues that provide a great alternative to overpriced, cramped theaters. Pull up your car and check out the following classics:

Evil Dead – Bruce Campbell and flesh-eating demons = Cult Horror Classic

Rocky Horror Picture Show – Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon and bizarro circus freaks = Campiest Horror Musical Ever

Night of the Living Dead (original) – Low-budget zombies, buckets of blood = Crummiest Horror Ever

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! – Scientists, killer tomatoes, panic = Fruitiest Horror Ever

Killer Klowns from Outer Space – Killer clowns, outer space = Goofiest Horror Ever

…Or you could get wasted and bother the local kids. That’s pure entertainment.

COED Writer