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Guaranteed Halloween Hangover Cure


This year’s Halloween weekend will give most of you some scary hangovers. What can we do to prevent and cure a hangover so we can keep the dress-up party rolling all weekend? First, we need to understand what causes a hangover.

I’ve heard many opinions from under-qualified know-it-alls, from “Alcohol causes your body to become dehydrated so pound a few glasses of water” to the all-time alcoholic favorite, “your body is craving alcohol; have a margarita and you’ll feel better.”

What I’d rather do is get some info from a professional who knows the real answer.

Scientists at Tulane University said the root of a nasty hangover points to “Congeners,” also known as “what’s responsible for most of the taste, aroma, and color of alcoholic beverages.” Congeners also contribute to the inflammation of blood vessels which leads to horrific mornings for 90% of Americas college students during Halloween Weekend.

What you need to know: darker drinks contain more congeners so you should try to avoid Guinness and stick to light beer.

If that isn’t possible – and you know it’s gonna be a nasty night of drinking – throw down a tall glass of Prickly Pear Juice 5 hours before you start drinking! The juice cancels out the effects of the congeners and poof, the ultimate guaranteed hangover cure!

Prickly Pear Juice is a must have and you can pick it up at any heath food store.

COED Writer