What Stinks? Febreze Wants to Know

You know what stinks? Everything, everybody, every moment of life.

Ok, really: in this current, war-torn world of ours, life can get pretty bad, even disastrous – but that is not what we will be talking about here.

I’m talking about things that stink, like when you leave your overworked and underpaid job an hour later than usual, run to the bank as quick as possible before it closes to cash your check just to find out it closed an hour earlier.

Sucks – or rather, stinks – to be you.

Your rent check is going to bounce now and your landlord is gonna call you up, all pissy and annoying – just like last month. It’s not the end of the world, but it sure as hell stinks.

Febreze knows alot about airing out messes, so what better company to start a web campaign called “What Stinks?” based upon things that inconvenience everyday people.

Being the witty little rascals they are, Febreze has what they call “Stink Links,” which are links to websites that showcase the average Joe at his worst.

Some of COEDs favorite Stink Links:

Wii Have a Problem – Items that people have broken while playing the Nintendo Wii (including TVs, windows and pets…)

Best of the Worst Podcast – Some of the worst songs and bands on the internet.

Skate Accidents on Break – A list of some rather-unfortunate skating accident videos.

South Beach Sands – A site full of stupid people. ‘Nuff said.

Idiotbrain – Self explanatory.

After witnessing mankind’s worst mistakes head over to Febreze.com – you’re gonna need some extra-strength spray to neutralize the smell of day-old sex, month-old unwashed boxers, ramen noodles and bongwater from your place before Mom and Pop visit.

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