The 11 Hottest Women on Fall TV

The Fall TV season is off and running and like every new season, there are a few gems and a good many more duds. But despite the clutter of a whole lot o’ bad television, the new Fall season brings a brand new class of bust-i-ful beauties.

In honor of this annual event, we have compiled a list our favorite stunning new small screen starlets.

Click on a photo to see the beauty’s gallery, oh and let us know who we missed, son. Enjoy.

#1 Laura VandervoortSmallville

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#2 Katrina Bowden30 Rock

#3 Josie MaranDancing with the Stars

#4 Jennifer EspositoSamantha Who?

#5 Michelle RyanBionic Woman

#6 Blake LivelyGossip Girl

#7 Sophia MylesMoonlight

#8 Katie CassidySupernatural

#9 Kaley CuocoThe Big Bang Theory

#10 Sarah ShahiLife

#11 Madeline ZimaCalifornication

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