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The Daily Shocker: You are NOT the Father…and You Are NOT the Mother!


This couple (sadly) outdid Maury Povich with a little help from their friends. (Sky News)

Florida mom waves gun at kids at a bus stop, shouting “You can all get some of this!” after hearing about her son getting bullied. The whole incident occurred on the west side of town. It’s painfully obvious: momma was just representing the westsiiiiiiide, beyotches! (News4Jax)

Maxim presents “The World’s Most Annoying Couples.” (Maxim)

Kids: don’t cry over spilled milk. Adults: don’t cry over a 28-cent overcharge for toilet paper that wasn’t supposed to be taxed. (Pittsburgh Post)

Woman entering federal court is told to take off her bra, ’cause it sets off the metal detector. Upon asking for a private place to undo herself, officers said “No.” All I picture next is the woman saying “Okay, fellas” followed by…chicka-bawm-chicka-bawm-chicka-bawm. (MSNBC)

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