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Sly Spills the Beans on “John Rambo”


At the premiere of Resident Evil: Extinction in Las Vegas Sylvester Stallone and his posse rolled up like “Whaaaaaaaaat…I’m Sly/Rocky/Rambo and this is my posse, son!”

Sly gave the Hollywood Reporter exclusive inside information on what will be the finest piece of cinema this millennium – John Rambo: In the Serpent’s Eye.

So, I’m assuming you clicked the link and heard all the leaked info. You’re ready to post all about it in your blog thingamabob, right?

Right? No?

Let me guess: you’re wondering, “What news? Nobody said anything worth reporting, and all Sly said was that ‘Rambo is in a very grumpy mood, and he’s gonna let it all out.'”

That’s all you need to know, truth-seeker – this isn’t The Darjeeling Limited.

Sly stating that Rambo is “very grumpy” in John Rambo is like hearing that God is “kinda-sorta mad” at mankind. January 25, 2008 can’t come soon enough.

I mean c’mon…take a look at the picture! Rambo versus a poisonous snake! A Rambo and snake stare-off! F*** it, this is the best movie ever already.

  • COED Writer