LG Voyager: iPhone Killer?

Comparing any cell phone on the current market to the iPhone is like comparing Apple to Oranges – even if some of Apple’s product turned out to be Lemons.

Stupid use of fruity puns aside, the iPhone has sold very well based on its unique layout and gizmo-tastic user options. But now that Apple’s phone has dramatically dropped in price a new competitor is ready to go toe-to-toe with it: the LG Voyager.

Verizon Wireless’ LG Voyager – coming out this holiday season, shoppers – is the iPhone’s closest rival, sporting touch-screen usability.

Not to be outdone, the Voyager one-ups the competition by enabling V-CAST services (music, videos, TV) along with speedier online browsing than the iPhone.

But that’s not it, folks!

The biggest draw the Voyager has over the iPhone is one crucial element: a full QWERTY keypad that swivels out once the phone is opened. Uh-oh, Apple…

For many consumers the keypad is good enough reason to purchase the Voyager, considering the frustrating layout of the touch-screen keys on the iPhone.

Be afraid, Apple – be very, very afraid…or something.

Who am I kidding? The iPhone will still be the best-selling phone this holiday season. It’s all about marketing, and Apple has that on lock. I predict the Voyager selling very well but not taking the throne from the iPhone. Branding matters – that’s the short and long of it.

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